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CSA Military 1860 Light Cavalry Army Saber Civil War Confederate Officer Sword

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This sword is a reproduction of a Civil War Calvary Officers sword. During this time period guns were very prominent on the battle field, but swords and edged weapons were still the dominate weapon. The legendary image of the brave Confederate charge would not be complete without the sword raised over the head of the commanding officer. This sword is a highly detailed replica of the CSA Calvary sword. Close inspection of the sword shows not only close attention to detail but also a well made sturdy design.

The Blade of the sword is HQSS stainless steel featuring an integrated bloodline. The scabbard of the sword is leather wrapped over steel. The scabbard ends with a steel end cap and begins with a steel scabbard throat. The scabbard also features two hanging steel rings for carrying or hanging the sword. The guard of the sword is a full wrap guard with the CS emblem. The handle of the sword is leather wrapped with golden twine, and ends in a detailed steel pommel. The blade is detailed scroll work imprinted onto the blade with the CSA emblem at the ricasso. This sword is a respected classic and looks great in any room of the house. The steel rings make it easy to hang and the strong stainless steel construction makes this sword strong enough to be a lifetime keeper.

  • Blade Length: 29" 
  • Blade Width: 0.75" 
  • Handle Length: 5" 
  • Overall Length: 39"


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