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Custom Hand Forged Carbon Steel Axe with Rose Wood Shaft

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The Viking Axe, the weapon most used by the Vikings.  This one is suitable for Vikings who like to wield a Hand Ax with a fearsome edge to have Odin's worthy punching power. This axe is handcrafted. This is a very high-quality product whose head is carbon steel and handles material is rose wood. Historically, the Vikings also used forged carbon steel. It is in particular thanks to the durability of this steel that we still have very well-preserved Viking weapons in museums today. Comes complete with a complimentary sheath made from quality genuine rich brown leather, and has three snap closures as well as a belt loop for hands-free carry.

  • Overall Length: 18 inches
  • Blade Length: 4.5 Inches
  • Thickness: 33 mm
  • Blade Material: Carbon Steel
  • Temper: HRC 58-60

  • Functional
  • Blade Material: Carbon Steel
  • Handle Material: Rose Wood
  • Genuine Leather Sheath

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