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Dark Espada Renaissance Black Wire Hilt Rapier

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Precision, agility, and technique are all three things that the rapier emphasizes, thanks to its narrow thrusting blade. This Black Wire Hilt Rapier recreates the look of a historic sword that gradually changed the way men fought with blades. Perhaps the most iconic feature of the rapier was the fantastic hilt designs, which provided both an aesthetic quality and a functional defense to any rapiers look. In this particular model, the ornately swept hilt forms a cage of quillons that keeps the main hand fairly safe when it grips the hilt, both in a traditional and a finger-forward grip. The quillons are solid black and constructed from steel, while the blade of the rapier is crafted from mirror-polished stainless steel and left unsharpened. The hilt features a scent-stopper shaped pommel, again done in black, as well as a rubber ABS handle that is wrapped with silver wire, to provide the right combination of grip and look. Included with the rapier is a wood scabbard with black steel fittings at the throat and chape.

  • Blade is Crafted from Quality Stainless Steel
  • Features a Mirror Polished Blade and Black-Stained Accents
  • Modeled After the Classic Form of the Swept Hilt Rapier
  • Grip Is Rubber and ABS Plastic, with a Wire Wrap
  • Includes a Matching Black Scabbard with Blackened Throat and Chape
  • A Fantastic Costume Sword or Display Piece
  • Overall Length: 43.5 Inches
  • Blade Length: 36.75 Inches

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