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Medieval Long Gambeson

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A warrior wore many layers when they were going into battle. Beyond underclothing, this Medieval Long Gambeson is one of the first of many important protections that any warrior would have worn, and one that any reenactor would wish to put on, as well. Quilted armor is no stranger to battle, and this gambeson offers a final layer of protection between the armor and the skin. It also helps to make suits of armor, including steel plate, leather armor, and mail links, more comfortable to wear. It does this by first keeping the metal and armor away from the skin. Secondary in its purpose is the padding, which helps to reduce the impact of any attacks or strikes you might receive, dampening the overall force and allowing you to shrug off more impressive blows to continue the good fight. The armour padding is stitched in a diamond pattern that allows movability and keeps the padding in place. The front of the medieval gambeson is fastened with three buckled straps. 

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