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Medieval Renaissance Standing Collar Gorget

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Expertly handcrafted from premium 18 gauge steel and featuring a beautiful shiny metal finish, our Standing Collar Gorget is ideal for protecting your neck and throat area during swordplay as well as your upper chest and back. Consisting of two separate plates connected by genuine leather straps, collar attachments are attached to the gorget with steel rivets while the plates are curved in order to deflect blows. It is the perfect piece to complete a suit of armor or just to add to your collection. Starting out as simple neck protection, the gorget was a vital piece of Medieval and Renaissance armor. Transitioning from a piece worn under ones armor to a piece worn over the armor, the gorget soon became established as a sign of rank and elevated status. Long after the spread of gunpowder rendered plate armor effectively useless, the gorget still retained a place in military circles as rank insignia and was essentially the last vestige of Medieval armor to remain in active use.

  • Length: 13 Inches (Front), 9.5 Inches (Back)
  • Width: 12.5 Inches (Front), 12.25 Inches (Back)
  • Weight: 3.95 Lbs (Total)
  • Features: Adjustable Leather Straps

  • 18 Gauge Steel Construction
  • Genuine Leather Straps

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