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OnGuard Self Defense Stun Gun Knife with LED Flashlight

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Guard Dog Security presents a personal defense tool so unique and intimidating it will leave an assailant stunned, the OnGuard stun gun with flashlight. Modeled to look like a real knife, the OnGuard combines a threatening look in a non-lethal and practical device. Delivering a shocking blow, a full stun area wraps the entire "blade" of the knife to prevent anyone from grabbing or stealing the OnGuard, as well as offer a larger range for contact. The sleek, rubberized contoured grip makes it easy to hold with optimally placed trigger designed for swift and easy operation. Featuring two LED lights, the device is further equipped for nighttime visibility to assist in awareness and identification. The built-in rechargeable batteries eliminates the need to continually purchase batteries and provides cost saving benefits. Identify, protect and intimidate with the Guard Dog OnGuard stun gun with flashlight.

Electric stun gun 

This knife stun gun is perfect for anyone looking for a stun gun disguised option. While other self defense weapon choices look the same, this unique personal protection product is likely to have aggressors running from the sound of its maximum strength stun. This discreet stun gun is also a stun gun flashlight combo. Great for illuminating dark pathways on the journey home.

The ultimate piece of martial arts equipment

If you are looking for a karambit knife trainer, combat knife practice device, or a kabar training knife, this item is for you. Unlike rubber training knife options, the OnGuard brings a stun consequence when it makes contact. This takes your fake knife training to a more realistic level that other rubber training weapons can't achieve.

Self defense training knife

Don't waste your time rubber knife training using poorly designed, fake blade weapons. The OnGuard completes your martial arts training weapons collection because it is the superior dagger sting device. Weather it's, karambit practice knife, karate practice weapons, martial art weapons, or muay thai training equipment you are looking for, the OnGuard is a much better solution than a rubber practice knife.

Rechargeable defense blade

This defense blade allows you to stay prepared with a holster and charger. Whether you need a full charge before your nightly walk or between martial arts knife trainer sessions, you'll be ready! The OnGuard is an electric training dagger for martial arts that can keep you safe on and off the mat.

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